Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What makes someone beautiful?

What makes someone beautiful is not necessarily beauty.  I know some people who are beautiful in the way they look.  They have beautiful features, and everyone thinks they’re beautiful.

But to me what makes someone beautiful is their core.  The way they think.  How they treat people.  There’s something about the person that makes me curious about them.  It’s not someone who is a loud mouth and gets everyone’s attention.  To me that’s not beauty.  There’s  subtlety about someone’s who’s beautiful.  They tend to be people who  follow their own path.  There’s a kindness about them.  But at the same time, they’re strong.  They don’t let someone dump on them.  They will let you know in no uncertain way, you can’t step all over them.  They walk with confidence, but it’s a confidence that’s not haughty or nasty.  They’ll go out of their way to help a stranger, but don’t brag about what a good thing they did.

What these people have is a belief in themselves that says they’re decent people, and always try to do the best that they can with what life has given them.  This to me makes someone beautiful.

People I think are beautiful: My mother; Oprah; some of my sisters; my father; the woman at the 7-11; my niece, Tara; President Obama (even though I complain about him all the time); my ex-boyfriend, Michael; C. Wyatt; and many other people I’ve run into in my life.

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