Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – The countdown starts tomorrow (or today).

I began writing this blog over a year ago. I knew I would be writing about my experience of  being a targeted person. At the beginning, I didn’t know what to write, because the same things kept  happening to me day after day.  And I thought to myself “readers will get bored reading about the same thing over and over”.   What to do?

Every day I sat (stood) myself down in front of my computer, and just forced myself to write. I wrote whatever came to mind. I didn’t worry about the grammar (I do now, though). I just wrote and wrote.  Somehow, I got  into the habit of writing almost every day.   And then gave me an “out”.  I joined WordPress’ “Post a Day 2011”. WordPress would suggest a topic, and all  bloggers would be encouraged to write about it. We didn’t have to write about the topic, but it would inspire  us to develop a habit of writing every day. The subjects varied from day-to-day. Sometimes I knew nothing about the suggested topic, but it  forced me to learn about it  if I wanted to write.

Since I joined “Post a Day 2011”, I’ve learned so much about things I knew nothing about, or would have cared to know about.  It’s made writing this blog a lot more interesting.  While I still write  about gang stalking, WordPress has enabled me to get out of the gang stalking rut and write about other things.

I wrote a while back that by the end of the year, I would write 500 blogs.  So far I haven’t accomplished my goal of 500 blogs.  I have written 367 blogs.  That means that within the next two months,  66  days to be exact, I have to write 133 blogs.   So from on, I will begin a countdown.  I will probably be writing a lot more to accomplish my goal.  I’ll  be writing a lot of  bad stuff, but if I’m too particular I’ll never meet  my goal of 500 blogs.  I’ll try my best to write the best I can, but anyone who writes knows, the bad days will come, and I’ll just have to force myself to write  “whatever”.

So the countdown begins  tomorrow (or today).  I have 133 blogs to write as of today.  Wish me luck, and thanks for reading my blog.  All of you who read my blog have kept me going;  I thank you all.  Keep reading.

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