Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Help yourself to my food, please!

Lately, I come home from wherever I’ve been and find that my food is missing. 

I bought pasta and planned to have it when I returned home at night. When I got home, I didn’t look to see if  the pasta was in the cabinet. I put cold water in a pan and proceeded to use my computer. When the water began to boil, I went to the cabinet for the pasta. Pasta nowhere to be seen. It was gone. Someone walked out the door with it. So nothing to eat  for the night. I don’t keep too much food in my cabinet because the gang stalkers  mess with the food. I bought chicken soup and planned to have it at night.  When I got home,  I took out a pan and looked for the soup in the cabinet. Gone again! After taking a shower, I made some toast. After the toast was ready,  I went into the refrigerator to get the butter. Butter gone! No butter. Stolen.  I have tea in the morning, and I always have lemon with my tea.  They squeezed the liquid out of the lemon. No lemon with my tea.  I had some cheese in my refrigerator, the cheese was made into a cheese ball.  I threw it out because I don’t know what they did to the cheese.  When I leave my apartment, I’ll leave  8 eggs in  carton.  I return home, only three eggs are left.   So lately, I’ve had to spend more money on food.  When they don’t steal my food, they put things in it.  Lately, I’ve tried to eat healthier because my food habits are terrible.  I’ve been buying food that is  ready-made and in a package.  A lot of the food has a lot of salt in it to preserve  it.  Nothing is fresh.   So I’ve tried to cook from scratch, but it’s no use.  If I try to cook fresh food, they mess with the food or steal it.  

It’s a no-win situation.  I can’t win no  matter how  I try to handle my food situation.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Help yourself to my food, please!

    • It doesn’t matter what type of lock I get, they’re able to get in. Since I moved into this apartment, they’ve broken in every day. A deadbolt wouldn’t work when I leave my apartment. I wouldn’t be able to bolt it when I go out. I’ve done all kind of things to keep them out, but they always get in. They’re thieves and animals.

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