Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What’s your opinion of the Occupy Movement and 99%?

Across the U.S. and now elsewhere in the world, a protest movement is rising called “Occupy Together”.  You can read live updates of the original “Occupy Wall Street” event, that’s still going on. Also take a look at “We are the 99%”,  a related website where  people interested in the occupy movement are telling their stories.

Write a post where you give your point of view. Do you think these protests are a good thing? Do you agree with their belief that there’s something wrong?

I agree 99% with the Occupy Movement.

I agree that the only ones making any money are the 1% of people. They’re the rich ones who can still borrow money at lower interest rates, and don’t have to worry about losing their homes. The rest of us can’t get a break, nor jobs. And if we do get a job, the wages are very low, barely enough to live on. And if we’re working, the hours at work have been fewer. We work without benefits, and don’t get any vacation time, because we don’t qualify for vacation time because we’re considered part-time.

The rich have gotten richer, while the middle class is practically non-existent.  And the poor are poorer than ever.  Today, even middle class people are on food stamps and getting government help.  The middle class and the poor are struggling to pay their rents, utilities, health care, food, etc. 

Through the years, the rich companies  sent their businesses  overseas, leaving a lot of Americans unemployed.  The rich companies can pay foreign workers lower wages, and don’t have to worry about unions or giving their workers’  health  benefits.  The item  that’s  made overseas is then returned to the United States, and Americans pay three, four-times  to buy what the foreign workers made .  The rich companies make  money coming and going  The laws must change about sending work overseas.  If the rich companies keep sending work overseas, there’ll come a day when even the rich won’t have any work, or money.  The average American won’t have any money to buy anything.  And guess who is going to suffer along with the average American?  The rich.   Americans  stop buying, the  rich make no  money and,  sooner or later, they’ll be broke, too. 

So I’m in with the Occupy Movement.  The rich who run the government and Wall Street are running  a broken system,  and it  must be changed.

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