Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When did it become a crime to own a bat?

Today, I went grocery shopping. On my way home, I had a loaf of bread sticking out of my bag. I didn’t give any thought to the bread sticking out of the bag.

I got home and began to get ready for bed. It takes me a while to prepare for bed. I have to surround myself with things that protect me. I was home about two hours, when someone knocked on my door. I asked, ” Who is it?”  It was the apartment manager.  So I opened the door. She asked me if I had a bat. I said, “what! Do I have a bat?” No. She continued to ask me if I had a bat, all the time bending down to look into my eyes. She’s 5′ ll” , and I’m shorter. But, anyway, she kept looking into my eyes. I guess she was looking for a sign that perhaps I had a bat, and told I’m so violent, she was  looking to see if I was showing any signs of violence. She asked me several times if I had a bat. I kept replying no. And I asked her, “Who said I was carrying a bat?” She wouldn’t tell me. She finally left.

I remembered that I had a loaf of bread sticking out of my bag. Someone with poor eyesight thought I was carrying a bat. And, anyway, what if I had a bat? What business is it of theirs? Were they going to call the police on me because I had a bat? There’s no law against me having a bat. It really makes me angry I have to put up with b.s. like this. Every little thing I do gets reported to the apartment manager. I can’t even carry a loaf of bread home. It’s reported as me having a bat. And, again, what business is it of theirs if I do have a bat? There’s no law that says I can’t have a bat.  It’s none of their  f–king business.  Next time she knocks on my door, I’m not opening it.  She can call the police if she likes.  I’m sick of her spying on me all the time.  I’ve decided to buy myself a bat for protection.  Now tell me I can’t have a bat!

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When did it become a crime to own a bat?

  1. The ho up the road works at the Family Dollar Store. She is telling everyone and anyone who will listen I was at her house with a gun.

    Not true.

    I was by her house on our own property, and I did not have a gun.

    I had my taser for the 300 lb. rhino just in case she and her hubby wanted to tango.

    I understand where you are coming from, Tampa.

    I understand only too well.

    Hope you have a good day. Keep your chin up and remember you are not alone!

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