Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Does God really exist?

I just want to be left alone to live my life in peace. I want to work, travel, have friends, enjoy the rest of my life.

But I guess I’ll have to put up with the bullshit that’s happening to me for the rest of my life. I’m on Facebook with a group of people who  are suffering the same fate I am. They’re all being gang stalked. They all have the same stories to tell.  Harassment is happening to them  24/7.  Never, never left alone. Some of the targets have been targets since they were children. One man’s harassment  has lasted for 41 years. Can you believe that? 41 years! I admire the man. I don’t think I can last 41 years with this b.s. happening to me. I’m surprised he still believes in God. I wouldn’t. If God can let this happen to him for 41 years, what good is God? If there were truly a God, he’d have taken care of the problem a long time ago. I find this man’s belief in God hard to understand. How can he love a God that lets this happen to him?

At one time, I believed in God, but after everything that’s happened to me in the last three years, I can honestly say, my belief in him, no longer exists.  I see the world falling apart day by day.  Revolutions everywhere.   Whatever kindness existed in the world, seems to no longer exist.  And worse of all, the only thing I have to look forward to, is getting  treated like dirt for the rest of my life.  Does God really exist?  He must be in hiding.  He, too, is lost.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Does God really exist?

  1. NE1, I didn’t have a clue for five years of why all the craziness was happening.

    I had no name, rhyme or reason for what was happening while my lawyer and and the prosecuting attorney were working and stabbing in conjuction.

    I want to believe my family doctor knew no more about this than I did in the beginning.

    Most people do not know about this phenomenon but it is happening and is very true.

    ~And what a thief!

    Steals trust, hope, love, laughter, friendship, family and on and on…..

    • I agree with you. Everything is stolen from us. If people knew of the hell we have to go through every day, something would be done. By the way, do you want to join the Facebook group I belong to?

  2. His ways are higher than ours. Don’t ever stop believing.

    A lot has happened to targeted individuals, I agree.

    I too have prayed, but I do not doubt.

    I believe the perps have intended many, many EVIL events for me but God has intervened.

    Sometimes I liken today’s targeted individuals to the Israelites as slaves to Pharaoh.

    God is in charge and although we don’t understand, He is watching and working.

    Don’t ever give up hope in God or Jesus Christ.

    Dear, after all you have been through, it IS BY THE GRACE OF GOD, you are not insane and are able to compose a rationale post.

    The same as with me. Others say they would move, run, give the land to the drug dealers.

    No. I’ll hang on to Jesus for He is my only hope for a better life.

    Satan is traveling to and fro and working through many.

    This is not God doing the evil but just as God allowed Job to be tested, I guess he is allowing us be tested also.

    I have no other choice than to stick with Jesus because I will not give in and become a perp which in my opinion is none other than a tool of Satan.

    Hold tight to Jesus. He has brought us through thus far. I will hang on and pray He takes me home soon. I don’t care if the perps shoot me. They will have to kill me before I will ever sign this land over on this little dead end road in the middle of nowhere to become METH MAIN.

    SO BE IT!

    • Honestly, writing this post has kept me sane. I’m able to get out everything I can’t say outside to the perps. I’m glad I started the blog. Plus, I’ve been given encouragement by the WordPress staff when I needed it most.

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