Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011- Is there anything you wouldn’t tell your best friend?

Well, for one, I don’t have a best friend. I’ve had some really good friends in my life, but I did not tell them everything. I kept a lot of things to myself. The thing is, when you’re best friends with someone, you feel comfortable telling them a lot of things you wouldn’t tell anyone else. But that’s a mistake sometimes.  Friendships don’t always last forever.  And that’s when you learn a former friend backstabs you , and not only tells  lies about you , but tells others secrets you revealed to them.  So it’s best to keep anything that you consider a true secret to yourself.

Today, with all the gang stalking that is happening to me, a best friend is nowhere in the future.  I would not trust anyone today with a secret.  It would  be exposed to everyone the moment it was out of my mouth.  I have to be very careful with anything I disclose  about myself.   So I keep any secret to myself, because I know it will spread like wild-fire.   There was a saying during World War II about “loose lips sink ships”.  So, when it comes to telling friends everything, the word is shhh.  And if you’re a target, be very careful what you come out with when talking to strangers, or even your family.  Secrets are best kept to yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011- Is there anything you wouldn’t tell your best friend?

    • I know the feeling. You’re lucky you have only 1 ho harassing you. I have hoes and, probably pimps, harassing me non-stop. I think most of the people who harass me were homeless. I know the ho above me was definitely homeless. She’s in her 20s, or early 30s, and doesn’t go to work, because, of course, she’s getting paid to harass me. About honest law, there’s no such thing. They’re all crooks.

      • Oh I have the Kentucky State Police as my perps also, and the Owingsville Sheriff Department and Kentucky Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations working with the ho up the road along with many others.

        I great smear campaign has turned many against me. The 300 lb. ho works at the Family Dollar Store and slanders me daily to anyone who will listen.

        My husband travels and is gone for months.

        I have been marked as easy prey.

        A common occurrence in Bath County, Kentucky for the locals to encourage “outsiders” to buy property, make improvements and then harass in unthinkable ways until the victim moves.

        Not happening. We bought this land fair and square.

        They can shoot and kill me, but I will not be harassed off my own property, especially since I know the plans they have for this land which is to make it drug property.

        If you should read Topix, Owingsville, Ky., I had not posted for over a year (2010) and was shocked when I read the threats against my life and another TI (he did have a breakdown from the harassment). The threats were from the the prosecuting attorney, Leslie Richardson’s adopted brother, (also in law enforcement) Mark Richardson, and her fruitloop sister Marsha Richardson.

        The Richardson family has quite a history of corruptness in this county.

        Ay ya ya yah yah! SMH

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