Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What does home mean to you?

How would you describe what it feels like to feel “at home”? It may be something specific about the physical details of where you’d like to live, or it could be more about how you feel when you are in the right place.

I guess no place feels like home like New York City. No matter where I’ve lived, New York is always on the surface. I compare every place I live or visit to New York. And, somehow, though I’ve seen some very beautiful places, New York always wins out as the place I  always feel most at home.

When I think of New York, I think of my family; schools I attended; first kiss; first love; first job; accomplishments and failures; great food; interesting people; subways; great art, and always as home.

When I am in New York, my spirit soars. Just being in New York’s presence makes me feel alive. I don’t feel as alive anywhere else. I remember the good times I had. The holiday season: the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center; ice skating; great coffee;  the hassle and bustle of New York; the Statue of Liberty in the Harbor; the street scene. Everything that makes me feel alive like no other place on earth. I love the City of New York. I’m glad I grew up in such a glorious place.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What does home mean to you?

  1. I love the country. We bought this farm with hopes of a quiet life. The corrupt individuals have made my life hell instead.

    My perfect day would be riding my horse without gunshots from all around,

    My perfect day would be to open my windows and let the country air in.

    My perfect day would be to see the ho up the road, arrested, convicted, and sentenced to die in jail.

    My perfect day would be when her perp children turn 18 y.o. to be arrested and given life sentences.

    My perfect day would be if everyone would leave me to hell alone and for God to raise his mighty Hand and smite those who have bared false witness, stander, and done things to make my life a living hell.

    My perfect day will be when I take my final death.


    He is my hope.

    God bless the TIs!

      • I am not “religious”.

        I am a non denominational Christian.

        I believe Jesus walked this earth, was crucified, rose again to walk among men and then descended to heaven and will return for his people.

        I hang on to Jesus.

        He is my ONLY HOPE!

        Love to you, dear. I know how hurtful the harassment is and so does Jesus.

        Please don’t despair for He is watching!

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