Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 4: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

I’m continuing with what I began yesterday.

If you’re a woman, you’ll be called a whore or a lesbian. If you’re a man, you’ll be called a homosexual. I know  targets, men and women,  raped by their gang stalkers.   An awful thing to happen to anyone. So be very, very careful where you go. Get a really good lock for your door during the day and night. Never, never leave your door open. It’s very, very important that you get a good lock. Get one of those locks you can run across the door. Don’t open your door unless you know who it is. Don’t go down dark alleys or take short cuts where no one goes. Just watch yourself. You don’t want something horrible happening to you.

The maintenance man breaks into my apartment every day.   He comes into it to mess things up. He’s raised my oven door, so when I put a pan on the door it will slide into the electrical system. He’s taken out the wood behind my drawers. He’s put holes in my bathroom and living room ceiling. He’s put patches of latex paint on my walls, kitchen cabinets, floor. He’s made holes in my carpet. He’s put footprints in my bath tub and on my carpet. He’s put an electrical cord on my air conditioning unit. He’s removed the front and back of my refrigerator. He’s attached my refrigerator cord to a compressor. He’s changed my fan blades to draw pesticide down to my apartment. Most of the things he’s done are to draw pesticide or electricity into my apartment. He’s done so many things that I could write three posts on the subject.

The Monitors will tell a lot of lies about you to the gang stalkers. They’ll hear that you’re a very violent person, that you take antidepressants, that you drink a lot. All sorts of lies. So expect a lot of lies about you from now on.

There is something the gang stalkers do that’s called “Street Theater. Street theater is an act put on by the gang stalkers. For instance, they’ll act as if there is an argument happening within a group of people. They’ll try to draw you into the argument, and then all of them will turn on you. Or the argument might lead you into arguing with them, and they’ll call the police. All the gang stalkers will back each other about what happened. If you see any kind of commotion, stay away, or walk away right away. Don’t get involved in any commotion. You might end up in jail. It is the reason for street theater.

When you leave your home/apartment, take your important papers with you. Take all your I.D. with you. Don’t leave any money in your apartment. Hide all your photos some place very safe. If you leave them out, they’ll rip them. If you can carry your computer with you, take it with you. If you leave it home, it might disappear. Or destroyed. Take anything important with you.

Again, I’ve written a lot more than I anticipated. I’ll write another post on this tomorrow.

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