Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

My favorite way to procrastinate is to go to Yahoo and read all the dirt on the celebrities. There’s one site I really like. It’s a site which shows celebrities wearing the same dress and then makes comments on which one looks better.  Then everybody makes comments on how they look. The comments made are really nasty a lot of the time.  Some, though, are extremely funny, even when making fun of the celebrities.  If I were a celebrity, I would never read the Yahoo celebrity news.  It also has a site on what celebrities wear to a certain event on any given night.  After looking at all the celebrity news, I like to spend my time reading about what is going on in this country and worldwide.  And then I’ll look for strange things that have occurred which are humorous or really, really strange.  This leads me to read my email on Yahoo.  Reading my email takes a long time, since I’m constantly diverted to some site to read an article on New York, or elsewhere.  By the time I’m through with Yahoo, I’ve spent two hours or more procrastinating.  But it has a useful purpose this procrastinating, it relaxes me.  It takes me away from my every day life and takes me to another world of celebrity and nonsense.

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