Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – The walking devils.

It’s been a bad two weeks for us targets. Last week, there was a man who said “good-bye” to us and told us he would take his chances with 12 jurors.

And then there was the shooting in Carson City, Nevada. A man, who I’m sure was a target, lost his cool and shot 3 people, and then himself to death.  He also wounded a few people.

I heard yesterday that one of the woman who was in contact with our Facebook group shot herself.  Of course, there was no news about her suicide. I’m sure government people worked very hard to keep it hush, hush.   She wasn’t able to  pay her rent and got  thrown out  of the place where she lived;  she became homeless. She was also penniless and very sick. She was at a shooting range, took the gun and shot herself.   I guess she planned it.

So three people who were targets couldn’t take the abuse anymore and reacted. It is exactly what the freaks work for. To bring us down, so down, that there’s no way to turn, but to kill ourselves, or take it out on someone else.

They succeeded with three of them. I guess they must be celebrating their victory. Maybe going out to a good dinner and having some good wine.  And, perhaps, slapping each other on the back.

The people who do this are beyond evil.  They’re walking devils.  Some day these  people, all of them, will get their punishment.  I pray and hope that I’m there on that day to see them get their just deserts (it’s spelled correctly) .  Nothing, nothing,  would make me happier.  Nothing.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – The walking devils.

  1. I am aware of Cointelpro and realize the government is a problem.

    For those who are wanting to relocate, although I have been stalked and harassed, arrested and jailed, I haven’t experienced nearly as much as others described.

    We bought secluded land, and if any TI’s would be interested in moving to Kentucky, we have many beautiful building sites and for a TI, a fair and honest price will be available for good people who have had the hell harassed out of them.

    We have Amish in our area who are fair and honest, dependable and wonderful builders.

    TI’s bonding together and standing our ground is a hopeful thought for me.

    My hope is for hope for all of us who have been targeted, that we will find peace and justice, somehow, someway!

  2. When we moved to this area and after the first false arrest, I was told by a member of the church we attended, this is an evil place.

    I thought it was a strange statement from a person who loved the Lord.

    Now I know the truth.

    God have mercy on the PERPS.

    To all who read this, please PRAY!

    From what I have read, PRAYING is the most effective tool we have against this ‘EVIL”.

    Please feel free to research the info. I found the same information from many different sources.

    I am going to my knees and thank Him, although many of us have been put in COMPROMISING SITUATIONS and the wrong move, worse things could have happened to many of us.

    I have to testify, that if not for Jesus Christ (and I believe He has stopped many, many evil plans against me) well, I don’t know where I would be today.

    I feel He has protected me from unknown evils and their evil plans from succeeding.

    Although damned, I am very, very blessed.

    Love, prayers, blessings to all TI’s, loved ones and families…..

    • It’s not the place that’s evil. This is happening all over the world. It seems to be some kind of world order. A lot of people know what’s going on, but won’t let on that they know it’s happening. It’s like the Holocaust where everybody snitched on everybody and McCarthyism, the same thing. If you want more info, look for info on Cointelpro. It’s another time where this happened. The FBI ran the program that time.

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