Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Driven to violence by gang stalkers.

I’m on Facebook with a group of people who are targets. Every once in a while, someone feels too much pain  and asks for help.  The other day, a man who was being viciously  attacked by a new group of gang stalkers asked us for help.  Well, he didn’t really ask  for help. He stated  he had enough and was not going to take it any more. So he wrote “good-bye”   to all of us and wished us well. He stated  he’d rather takes his chances with a jury of 12 people than with the gang stalkers. He said the gang stalkers were being really  vicious and he  couldn’t  take t it anymore.  We all wrote him back and tried to help him.

This has happened to me a few times, when I felt I was at the end of my rope and couldn’t take it anymore.  But I got myself through the episodes and kept functioning (thanks to strong genes from my mother).

The gang stalkers are vicious animals and will do anything they can to bring someone down.   I know none of you can really understand what I  and other targets are going through.  It’s a 24/7 psychological game they play with all of us.  We  might as well be prisoners of war, that’s how we’re treated.  Prisoners of war are kept awake, so  they can’t function properly.  They do the same thing to us.   We are awaken every two hours, so it’s difficult to act as  normal human beings.  They follow us 24/7 without let-up.  Our apartments are theirs.  They break into our houses/apartments as if they own the places.  They steal anything they feel like stealing.  They poison our water, food.  They destroy our clothes, property, steal our money.

I cannot leave my computer at home.  I carry it everywhere I go.  It’s bad enough they hack me, but if I were to leave my computer home, they would destroy it, or steal it.  Or do so much damage to the computer that it would be useless.

As I wrote above, I wrote about someone who was about to lose his cool.   Well, I don’t know what he intends  to do, but we haven’t heard  from him.  I hope he doesn’t  let them win.  They win every time one of us loses his cool and  gives in  to  his emotions.  I’m sure they go out and celebrate their victory.  I’m surprised that there isn’t more violence in this country.  I’m sure you’ve heard of people who seem to go crazy and start shooting everybody.    In my opinion, most of those people were being gang stalked and lost their cool.   Of  course, everybody thinks they just lost it, but that’s not the case in most incidences.   The gang stalkers  caused that person to commit an act of violence.   So, next time you hear in the news someone has committed a violent act,  think twice about what you think of him/her…it might be someone like me who could not take it anymore.

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