Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Write a review of a movie or a product.

I haven’t been to a movie in such a long time that I can’t remember the last movie I saw.

I stopped going to the movies because it was becoming a bad experience for me. I’ve always been a movie buff. I went to see every movie that came out within two, three days of its release. Now, I can’t tell you what movies are popular.

I stopped going to the movies because I want to keep the good memories of going to the movies. Seeing a movie always uplifted my spirit. It didn’t matter what the movie was about. I always walked out of a movie theater feeling better than when I went in.

But then, gang stalking entered my life.  Whenever I went to a movie, perps surrounded me.  All of them spraying pesticide on me and making the movie experience a horrible one.  I decided I did not want to remember my movie experiences as horrible events.  So I stopped going.  I want to keep the “feel good” spirit I have when I see a movie.  If ever this gang stalking stops, I’ll return to the movies and feel good about seeing a movie.  Until then, I won’t go into a movie theater.  I don’t want every good memory I have to be tainted.

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