Gang Stalking – If you’re a T.I., don’t send anything via Federal Express. It can’t be trusted.

Today, I can say I’m really pissed off.  

I got  off the bus and decided to take a different route home.   I did not want to see the man who is always sitting at the Dino gas station waiting  for me to come home.   He usually  notifies everybody I’m on my way.   Sometimes if he doesn’t see me, the manager of the complex will let  her husband  know I’m on my way.  She warns her husband to get out of my apartment if he’s in it doing something. Well, for reason, no one was on watch that day.   I walked toward  my apartment and could tell before I got to my door that it was open.  I assumed someone did not have time to lock the door (which has happened several times).   He/she  ran out and left the door open. I pushed the door and there was the manager’s husband messing with my fan. He had removed one of the  old blades and was putting in a new pointed blade. He began to stutter when he saw me.  A second after I  arrived, his wife came  running in and was about to warn him, when she realized I was already in the apartment. She made some excuse and disappeared. Her husband made some explanation about  the fan being very noisy and it needed  fixing.  And he also disappeared.  I came home with my phone, but it, too, disappeared.  One of them took it.   Everytime they enter my apartment something disappears.

So,  I needed a new phone.  I did not want to go to Best Buy to buy one.  I’ve had nothing but  bad experiences in Best Buy.  Whenever I buy a phone at Best Buy, staff is  only too happy to let  the government know what kind of phone I’ve bought.  It makes it easier for the government to hack my phone if it knows what phone I have.  I decided to buy  a new  one by ordering it by phone. 

 I called a company I trust and ordered the phone.  I was told  my phone would be  shipped via Federal Express.  I ordered it on a Friday and was told I would receive the phone by Wednesday.  So for three days,  I didn’t go anywhere.  Fourth day came and went,   no phone.  Finally on Friday, today, I was awaken by a knock on my door.   I’d overslept.   I had not gotten any sleep all night,  because of the pesticide being sprayed on me.  The knock woke me up.  I realized it was probably Federal Express and hurried to the door,  groggy with sleep.  It was Federal Express.  The FedEx employee asked me for  my signature.  His signature gadget was upside down and I turned it the right way.  He said, “No, this way.”  I said, “But it’s upside down.”  He replied, “Oh, it’s the way  it’s supposed to be.”  So still  groggy from lack of sleep,  I signed, and closed the door.  Immediately, I noticed  the box the phone was in was open.  I ran out the door trying to find  the FedEx employee.  He’d disappeared like a puff of smoke.  He was nowhere to be found.  The phone was not in its plastic  casing.   There was no packing material and everything in the box was a mess.  I knew the office people had something to do with it.  By mistake I’d mention to the manager that I was waiting for something from FedEx.  As soon as I said it, I knew she’d be watching for FedEx and she would do something.  I was right.

I told myself that there is no way I’m keeping the  phone.  So I called the company and told it what happened. I told the rep on the  phone I did not want the phone because it was probably  hacked.  The rep said that whatever was in the phone could  be removed.  My experience has been once something is in the phone, there’s no way to remove it.  In a nice way, I replied, I didn’t think  whatever  was in the  phone could  be removed,  and I’d like my money back.    I  noticed on the box that there was  a written note that the  phone was to be delivered to a 3rd party.   That’s what got her to agree to take the phone back.  I did not want my phone accepted by a 3rd party.

I went to the postoffice and mailed the phone back to the company via Certified mail.  I want to make sure I get  a signature of the person accepting the phone, so I will get   my money back.

The ending to the day was not a good one.  While I was out, I stepped into  7-11 to get something to eat.  In 7-11, someone stole  my Flip camcorder from my purse.  I don’t know how  he did it.  I made sure all the time I was out, my  purse was close to my body.  The only time I put it down was when I was putting mustard on my hot dog in 7-11.  So someone stole it in 7-11. 

It was bad enough someone stole my  new phone, but having my camcorder stolen, sure pissed me off.  There goes more money out of my pocket.  I no longer trust FedEx.  And neither should you.

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