Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Describe the first person who broke your heart.

And if you could  take revenge on them now, would you? Did you ever think about it? What we ould you say to them now if you saw them on the street?

I guess the first person who broke my heart was a boy I had a terrible crush on.  He was not my boyfriend.  He used to live in the same complex I did and I remember seeing him walking around and thinking how good-looking a kid he was.  I discovered he lived  right above our apartment.  I got to know him and discovered he was older than me.  I was 13 and he was 17.  From that  day on, after he found out how old I was, he’d say hi and nothing else.  Every once in a while, he would call me “cute” and walk away.  I really tried to get his attention, but he would ignore me.   No matter what I did, he’d walk away.  In his own way, he was nice to me, but I longed to be much older and have his affection.  But it was not to be.  My family moved away and knowing that I would no longer see him broke my heart.

I still remember his name, even though I’ve forgotten a lot of names, his is still vividly in my brain.  I remember that he was slim, but not skinny.  He had blue, blue eyes and dark hair.  He was gorgeous.  A Pierce Brosnan look-alike.  And, in spite of myself, he was a totally nice guy.

If I could take revenge on him, I wouldn’t.  Being an adult now, I realize he could have easily taken advantage of me, but didn’t.  If I were to run  into him on the street, I’d probably give him a hug (that is, if he remembered me).

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