Gang Stalking – Off topic – PostaDay 2011 – If you knew you were going to live forever, what would you change?

Yesterday, I only had 20 days to live. And now, I’m going to live forever (I don’t think I want to live forever).

Well, I’d start by ripping up all the credit cards I got because I thought I was only going to live 20 days. And now I’m  going to live forever (WordPress, you sure know how to mess with someone’s fantasy).

First of all, I have to get use to the idea of living forever. It’s not an idea that’s occurred to me.

I’d have to start really saving money. It takes a lot of money to live forever.

I’d probably go back to school.  Study all the way to a Ph.d. I’ll need a lot of knowledge to keep up with the rapidly changing times.

I’d definitely find myself a husband.  I don’t want to spend forever by myself.  It’s nice for a while, but forever is a long time to be alone.  Maybe going back to school is a really good idea.  I’ll find a husband at the school.  At least we’d have something in common.

If I don’t go back to school, I’d like to start a business.  What kind of business?  I don’t know.  Maybe start a restaurant.

I definitely have to buy a car.  I can’t imagine forever riding on a bus.  And having a car would enable me to travel out of Vegas and see more of the West than what I’ve seen.  I’d live in Europe for a few years and move on to other countries as the years went by.

God!  Just thinking of living forever is tiring  me out.  All that time to exist.  I can take my time doing whatever it is I want to do.

Does living forever mean we stay healthy?  Or do we grow really old and decrepit?

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