Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Do you believe in life on other planets?

Why or Why no? Why do you think most alien races in most movies are so dangerous and not friendly?

Yes, I believe in life on other planets?  I always believed in life on Mars.  There’s something about Mars that tells me that there is life there.  Maybe they all went underground because of  all the radiation on Mars.  They all live in underground cities.  Martians grow vegetables, or whatever it is they eat,  underground.  Perhaps at one time they looked like us, but going underground has changed their appearance.  Now,  they look more Martian-like than human.  What would we look like if we had to go underground?  I’m sure our appearance would change.  We would probably all be a lot paler.  And perhaps our eyes would change in shape because of not seeing the sun.

I believe in life on other planets because I can’t believe with all the planets in the galaxy, we’re the only ones that exist.  And I bet there are a lot more planets out there than we think.  There are planets beyond the  ones we have discovered already.  That’s why I’m sad that the U.S. has stopped space exploration.  How are we ever going to discover life if we’re not exploring other planets?

I think  most aliens are  depicted in movies as  dangerous and not friendly because of our fear of the unknown.  Look  how we treat aliens who are human.  We’re afraid of them because of their religion, dress, beliefs.  So it’s the same thing with aliens from outer space.  We don’t know them so we depict  them as  dangerous.  I guess it stems from fear.  It’s better to be careful with the aliens  than to trust them outright.

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