Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 -Describe the worst driver you know.

The worst driver I knew is no longer around. She would get in the car and from the minute she got in and started to drive, she would turn around to look at the passenger in the back seat who was talking to her. Not turn around a little bit, but turn her whole body towards that person and totally forget she was driving.  I would just sit in the car terrified. I wouldn’t even look at the road. I would close my eyes and hope we get to where we were going in one piece. I would close my eyes because if there was an accident, I didn’t want to see it coming. I held on to the car handle for dear life.  She was a very nice woman and I miss her, but I sure don’t miss the way she drove.  I hope she hasn’t been given a car in that other world.

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