Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What would change if you were president for a day?

President for a day! What power to give someone who is just an ordinary every man.

Of course, I’d have a wonderful opportunity to check files I couldn’t access as an every man. I’d check all the files on gang stalking and who was the brains running the threat assessment team. I wouldn’t have too  much power to change anything, but the files would open up to me information for future use. I’d copy as many files as possible and send them to my computer.

I’m sure as president, I’d have to do other things. If possible, I’d try to get the  real president’s ear and plead my case against gang stalking.

And then I’d  speak up against getting involved in another potential war in the Middle East.   We haven’t finished one war yet, but  we’re ready to get involved in another.  I would do everything in my power to speak up against getting involved in another war.  The United States should start thinking about its citizens instead of getting involved in everybody else’s business.  Enough already of trying to save the rest of the world.  Let’s start saving the U.S. and its many problems.

Here in Vegas, there are many homeless men and women.  Many of them are people who served our country and now are being treated as worthless humans. I would go out into the streets and speak with the veterans who have fallen on hard times.  I’d get them to tell their stories, hoping that help would come once the American people heard their stories

I’d invite everybody to come visit me at the White House and I would spend some time with each one hearing their ideas for a better country.  After all, the White House really  belongs to the people.   It’s our taxes that pay for its upkeep.   At one time,  Americans could walk into the White House and express any concerns on how the country was being run.  That was a long, long  time ago.

As a last act, I’d sign into law any bill I agreed with.

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