Gang Stalking – Posta Day 2011 – If I had my own reality show, what would it be about?

If  I had  a reality show, it would be called “Adventures in Gang stalking”. I would carry a camera around and the cretins who come into my view would have an  opportunity to be what they are. They can be their loveable selves. This way, everybody would get the opportunity to experience what I experience on a day-to-day basis. And what fun I’d  have with them.

Of course, the main character would be myself. I would show you my apartment, the library, places I eat in. I would be my raw, authentic self. I would act as I always do. I would film myself at night and what I have to do to get ready for a night of being sprayed with pesticide and being lasered. Maybe you’ll see the flash of light every time I’m laser. You will hear the guy upstairs stamping his feet all night  (I know, I’ll have him stamping even more now. I know you people.). I would show you what I have to do every morning to get ready for the day. I would show you me on the way to the library, store. How everywhere I go, people drop in as if they were actors in a play. See me coming, ACTION!!  See me crossing the street, ACTION!  See me coming out of my apartment, ACTION!  You’ll sometimes  see people who are slow on the uptake. I can actually see them being slow. They turn, see me and get into action. They weren’t paying attention. That’s all it is, acting. So this “Adventures in Gang Stalking” would be perfect tv.

Of course, co-starring would be all the perps. You would see them acting like zombies. That is, until I turned around and  they aim for my back. They would also be their own authentic selves.  Scratching themselves, picking their nose, touching certain body parts. Just being their real authentic selves. Maybe, you’ll find them hilarious.  The show would be so popular. We would be written about everywhere.  Everyone would want  to know everything about us.  We would be trending…

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