Gang Stalking – Boo-hoo, the neighbors moved!

Moving Day (book)

Moving Day (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moving Day (film)

Moving Day (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moving (1988 film)

Moving (1988 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scotty the Tartan

Scotty the Tartan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boo-hoo, the neighbors are moving!.  Adios, good-bye, farewell, sayonara. Don’t hit yourself on the way out.  My next door neighbors just packed up and moved. I can’t say I’m sorry to see them go. They were really horrible. They sprayed me with pesticide non-stop every day, plus they hit me with lasers. They are two people who I never want to see again.

But then, again, I knew what they were like and I  learned to defend myself against them. Now the apartment is empty. That means Scotty, maintenance man, will have free reign to go into the apartment and do his dirty deeds. Who knows what kind of damage he’ll throw my way.

I’ll have to get used to new neighbors. What they will be like is anyone’s guess. They’ll probably put some  hellions in there. When they first move in, these gang stalkers are always gang-ho. They just think “I’m going to get her. She doesn’t know what she’s in for.” Of course, after they been there a while, they usually learn what they’re in for.  And they began to complain to Scotty about changing things in their apartment.  Make holes in the wall  so we can get her.  Make her door  creak so we know when she’s leaving. Do something, Scotty! I can see it coming now. Maybe they’ll play real loud music  (no problem, I’ve learned how to handle loud music).

I’m getting to the point where very few things bother me. I’ve learned that dealing with things on a humorous level is so much more satisfying.  And so much more fun.  Anger wasn’t working for me.   Seeing the funny side  of Gang Stalking  just makes more sense. For instance, seeing how the gang stalkers are, oh, so serious!  You would think the world’s defense depended on knowing what type of jeans I wear; what clothes I wear. What stores I shop in. It’s all silliness. It’s laughable.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and have no neighbors. Wouldn’t that just be fantastic!  Boo-hoo, the neighbors  moved!

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