GangStalking – PostaDay 2011 – Aha Moment!

Now I’m trying to think about an Aha Moment! I’ve had. I guess it occurred when I discovered that the sister I thought would help me through my gangstalking dilemma turned out to be involved.

I had talked almost every day with my sister on the phone (she lives in Arizona and I was living in Las Vegas) and she was the one who encouraged me to come live with her. She told me the people in Vegas were nasty and couldn’t be trusted and I needed to be in a safe place. So I followed her advice and left Vegas for Arizona.  At the  beginning of my stay, things went well. I slept well, was relaxed and I thought my gangstalking ordeal was over. On the 19th day of this luxurious stay, it started again. I couldn’t believe it! How could people who lived in Las Vegas get through to me and find out where I was staying?  My sister was very sympathetic and said she couldn’t understand it, either.  But I started to notice little things my sister did that sent me a “red flag.”

She was always very curious as to where I was going.  How long would I be at the place?  Was I going anywhere else? I chalked it up to sisterly concern.  And ignored the strange feelings I had about her. She was family. Family  you could trust. Your family is not going to screw you, I told myself.  If you can’t trust your family, whom can you trust?  I also noticed that she seemed to know a lot about what was really  happening. She would make comments about, oh, those people must be going to the meeting.  And I would ask, “what meetings?” She would answer, the meetings they go to  every week. I thought to myself: how did she know that? How could she possibly know where those people were going?  In a million years, it would never have occurred to me that the  people were attending meetings.

I began not telling my sister where I was going, because I just knew she was up to no good.  And if we went somewhere she would always disappear. I could never find her.   And someone would always be hitting me with  a laser or taser. When I commented that someone was harassing me, she would point to someone and tell me “that person over there is the one doing it” and disappear. I would  believe her and confront the  person.  Of course, the person didn’t know what I was talking about and would give me dirty looks, or threaten to call the cops. And at home, pesticide was always being sprayed. I couldn’t understand how pesticide could  get to me from outside. She convinced me that they did it through the walls.  She said the walls were very thin and the pesticide could come through easily.  She also acted as if it was happening to her (which was not true).  I also noticed she had a phone attached to her back. Everytime I would walk by her, she would ping me with her phone. Her bathroom sink  bottom had been removed (which is always done with gangstalking, but at the time I did not know).  All these things convinced me she knew the truth of what was going on. And one day,  I overheard her talking on the phone with my other sister,  Josephine, who also knew  about  the harassment and who was doing it.  I didn’t even know the two were in contact frequently.  I had never heard them taking on the phone. They were talking about me and what was going on. This was my Aha Moment!. I knew she was involved in the harassment. It woke me up. From that day on, I didn’t trust her. I told her as little as possible about where I was going and what I was doing.  She got angry at me.   I knew she was definitely involved.  She was not at all concerned about what was happening to me.  She wanted to know where I was going so she could report it to the gangstalking people.

This Aha Moment! convinced me to get the hell out of my sister’s house and find another place to live.



2 thoughts on “GangStalking – PostaDay 2011 – Aha Moment!

  1. I am a Targeted Individual and have been for the past eight years, go to my You Tube channel and watch my videos, click on the links below my videos to read my story. I have had to move repeatedly, the place where I live now they installed a Directed Energy Weapon in my apt, I need help, this is a smoking gun of what crimes they are perpetrating against people. I need someone to take a look at this thing who knows this stuff, it’s proof if I can get some help. They get to everyone I contact. Please help me if you can.

    Kevin Canada

    631 419-6132

    • Kevin: Yesterday I sent you an e-mail and told you to go to Colorado Forum Topix – Gang Stalking and Psychological Harassment, I forgot to tell you that you should go to the last page. That’s where the current targets are posting. Also a suggestion: Stop moving. I went through the same thing. I moved about 8 times in one year. You’re going to end up broke and on the streets, which is where they want to see you. So if the place you’re in now is not too bad, stay there! Save your money. These people will find you wherever you go. If you still want to move, go to my blog on apartment hunting and the things to look for when you’re apartment hunting as a target. Also go to my blog on “Family Trust Lost.” It tells exactly what I went through before I came to my senses and stayed put. So stop moving. Be careful and take care.

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