Gang Stalking – Apartment Hunting as a Targeted Individual

If you are currently living in an apartment and thinking of moving, please think seriously about it. If it’s relatively safe, quiet and not a bad place to live, don’t move. Finding a new apartment as a Targeted Individual will not be easy. Trust me, I know. But if you decide to move, here are some things to look for before you even think of moving .

Look around the complex, or house, you are going to be renting. When you are outside, look for power lines, phone lines, or any kind of electrical wiring. They will use these electrical things to hook up to your apartment to make it electrified. Make sure they don’t place you near the meters, either. They will use meters to make your apartment a power zone. Dont’ get an apartment near a parking lot. People will be cruising by your apartment day and night trying to hit you with their little electrical pesticide light. People will  come by your apartment just to see what you look like. So, no parking lot. I can’t say this enough. DO NOT GET AN APARTMENT NEAR A PARKING LOT!!! Bad, bad idea.

Are there a lot of trees in the area? Not a good idea. They will chop limbs off the trees and will shape the tree in such a way that the tree will make you a lightning rod. So, stay away from trees. Make sure that you do not face another apartment complex. People from the other complex will make you a handy target.

If everything seems okay outside, then you can start looking inside the apartment. Try to get an apartment on the second floor. Being on the second floor is not great, but being below is absolutely terrible. They will jump up and down and disturb your sleep. They will hit you with pesticide from above. If anything, you should try to get an apartment complex on one level.  Make sure it’s not near the parking lot.

Once you get inside the apartment, here’s some things you should be looking for.

Look at the sockets. Are they oversize? If the sockets are too big, it means that your plugs won’t fit in properly and the plug will just kind of stick out a little. The electricity will escape from the plug and hit you continuously. Check the window. Make sure they’re installed properly. In my current apartment,  my window pane is not attached to the frame. I had to tape them together to prevent the window pane from falling off. Or worse, make it easy for someone to get into your apartment. Check the floor board. Does the floor have floor board. I had to tape the area around my floor because there is no floor board.

Without the floor board, it makes it easy for someone to hit you with a taser or laser, or spray pesticide into your apartment. Check the way the door closes. Does it close all the way, or just miss it by an inch or two? This will enable someone to break into your apartment day after day without any problem. So make sure the door  is working properly. Check the carpeting. Does it have lots of holes? If it does, run away as quickly as you can. Don’t ask for an explanation from the landlord, he will just lie.

Check the blinds. Are they too far from the window? If they are, walk out. If the blinds are too far from the window, it will make it easier for the gang stalkers to hit you with their weapons.

Check the refrigerator back. Is it covered? If it’s not, it means you will have problems at night with electricity hitting you from the refrigerator.   If you take the apartment and you hear a clicking in the refrigerator, that means that they can track you when you move around the apartment. Turn the dial off. That means you really can’t have frozen food.  Also check underneath the sink in the kitchen. A lot of times, the sides of the cabinet underneath will have been removed.

Check the sink in the bathroom? Is the area underneath the sink not covered? This also will  mean electricity coming into your apartment.  Also, listen to light switch. If you hear a click every time you turn it on, they can track you around your apartment. Try not to turn on light switches unless you need light.  Are the closet doors too short? My closet doors are about an inch too short. It enables the freaks to hit you with their weapons. Or spray pesticide into your apartment.

Look at everything in your new apartment as a weapon. What kind of harm could this item cause me? Think of everything in those terms: What kind of harm can this cause me?

Don’t sign lease right away.  Go home and think about the pros and cons of moving into the new place. If there are too many cons, don’t take it! Listen to your inner voice about how safe the new place will be.  If you get an “icky” feeling, forget about it!  There are plenty of other apartments that might be better. If you take the apartment, maybe you can add a clause to get out of the lease if there are too many problems.

I told you it wouldn’t be easy looking for an apartment as a T.I.  I hope I’ve made searching for an apartment a safer venture.  Good luck!

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Apartment Hunting as a Targeted Individual

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  2. So they are spraying you with pesticide, there obviously must be a hole in the wall of your closet. Why not patch it up with filler?
    Why not keep a video camera recording in the lit closet so it can document the spraying?
    Im also curious, how are you able to pay rent and other expenses without any job or family support?

  3. Some of this advice sounds nutty- closet doors too short?? sockets too big?? dont be near the electric meter?
    what is this BS about making the apartment “electrified”…and if that was the case, why would short closet doors matter… I think this is misinfo or even disinfo.

    • Chuck: This is not misinformation. When I say closet doors too short, it means the closet doors don’t connect to each other. I have sliding doors. They only go so far and there’s an opening. Why does this matter? There’s someone in the apartment behind me (apt. 139;I’m in apt. 140) who has a machine that sprays me with pesticide. That’s why the opening is there. So he can get to me. None of my appliances fit into the sockets. All the plugs hang loosely and electricity flows out. Try smaller plugs than your socket and you’ll see what I mean. When I say don’t be near the meters, it is because they will use the electricity in that area to enable the electricity to hit you. I hope I’ve answered your questions. If you have any more, please let me know. Thank you for your questions.

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