Gang Stalking – Family Trust Broken

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This is a subject that  I’m reluctantly writing about.  I find it difficult to write about my family and what they’ve done to me.

When my harassment began I was living in Las Vegas, NV. I had a problem with the two men underneath me. The first year I moved into the apartment, I had no problem with them.  I used to hear the maintenance man talking with them (It seems I have problems with maintenance men wherever I go.).  I knew somehow my life was going to change because the maintenance man did not like me and tried to turn everybody against me.

Then as the second year approached, I noticed that  the two men downstairs were copying everything I did.  I turned on the water, they turned on the water. I turned my air conditioner on, they would turn their air conditioner on.  A horrible odor would fill my apartment daily (later I found out it was pesticide). I had to keep my door open all day to be able to breathe. After a while I was not only harassed, I was followed. So, I told my sister, Toni,  what was happening and she told me to come live with her.  Leave Vegas, those people are terrible, was her constant refrain.  And so without too much convincing, I went to Arizona to stay with Toni.

For the first nineteen days, it was quiet, no one bothered me. I slept well. I was relaxed. And then on the nineteenth day, it began again. The horrible odors I  smelled in Las Vegas. I was followed everywhere I went. I was hit by bolts of electricity. People seemed to know who I was everywhere I went. They treated me rudely. I would get on the bus and the bus driver would turn the lights on and pesticide would be sprayed through the vents . The people on the bus would hit me with lasers or their cell phones would ping me.

I told my sister I didn’t understand what was going on. How could all those people know me? Those two men in Las Vegas couldn’t have all that money to have followed me to Mesa, Arizona and hire people.  It just made no sense. My sister sympathized with me and told me she couldn’t understand it either.  But after a while, I began to see things clearly. I noticed that my sister had a phone attached to her back and she would ping me every time I passed by her.  I tried to convince myself that she was my sister and she wouldn’t do something like that to me.  But after a while, I had to give in and admit she was harassing me with pesticide and laser.

I also used to find it odd that everywhere we went, the harassers would show up right away.  (At the time, I did not know she called the monitor and told them what we were doing and where we were going.).  We would go somewhere and my sister would disappear. I would look for her, but I could never find her. And someone would always be lasering me wherever I went. When I would tell my sister, she would point someone out and say to me that they were doing it.  And I would stupidly believe her and say something to that person.  A few times, I almost got beaten up. ( She was the one who was following me around the store and lasering me, but at the time I did not know it.)  I trusted my sister because she was family and you’re supposed to trust family. Did I have a few lessons to learn about family!

So, I decided I would not stay with my sister anymore.  I called my sister, Josephine, in Florida and asked her if I could stay with her.  She said sure.  I booked a flight to Florida right away.  While on the flight, I noticed that the man sitting next to me looked very much like one of the marshalls I had read about. And he was the only one dressed in a business suit. He was a good-looking man– tall,  dark hair, cut in a very serviceman style, and in excellent physical shape.

As soon as the lights went  off to allow people to walk around the plane, I got up and ran to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom about 3 minutes. I came out, there were about 6 white guys lined up, all the same size and  all very neat looking, and it looked as if they were ready to pounce on me.  The man who was sitting next to me was last in  line. I ignored them and went back to my seat. Later on when the stewardess was serving drinks, he ordered a drink and the stewardess would not take his money. She told him he did not have to pay.  But he would not take the  free drink and paid. So I am positive that he was an Air Marshall sitting right next to me. That’s the first hint I had that it might be the government.

I arrived in Florida  at about 11 p.m. My sister, Josephine , was there to pick me up and seemed very happy to see me.  My niece, Geena, and her father, Victor, were also there. From the get-go, I knew something wasn’t right. I could feel pesticide being sprayed on me at night.  I assumed it was coming from next door. So, I, in no way, suspected my sister was doing anything to me.  But she was very rude to me and seemed not to want to talk about anything.  My sister, Toni, called me frequently and told me I should go back to her house when I told her how Josephine was treating me.  She convinced me to go back to Mesa, Arizona (stupid me!) .

I returned to Mesa on December 25, 2009.  The same things that  happened before were happening again, only it was worse this time. The pesticide was more constant; the lasering non-stop;  fireballs hit me at night; there were vibrations happening to my bed; the electricity hit me non-stop.  But I decided to stay with Toni anyway. She had a big yard and I could sit outside and not have to interact with her. But she would watch where I was sitting and she would laser me all day.  Finally, I just decided things were really going to hell. I stayed in my room. My sister would knock on the door and tell me to come out. She wanted to know why I stayed in my room. I didn’t say anything, but I decided I was leaving.  Again, stupid me, I called my niece in  Florida and asked her if I could stay with her. She said she couldn’t really afford to take me in, but her brother, Tommy, would be glad to help me out.

I took a Greyhound bus from Mesa, Arizona  to Corals Springs, Florida. While on the Greyhound bus, I was tasered and lasered.  Also, the bus driver opened the bus vents and I was hit with pesticide. The bus driver turned the heat on in the back seat.  The driver drove very fast and went over every bump. No one complained (which I found strange). Every time  the bus made a stop and we could get off,  there would be people at the terminal ready to laser me.  I couldn’t go anywhere without someone following me. And the other thing I noticed, there were service men on every bus I got on. They surrounded me on the bus and lasered me all night.  Government involvement again. This went on throughout the trip.

I finally got to Coral Springs,  Florida,  three days later. My niece, Carmen, picked me up and drove me to my nephew’s house.   Tonya (you can read about her in Breasts), Tommy’s wife, made me feel very welcomed, but I began  to notice  pesticide sprayed  on me non-stop. Tonya would also come into the room I was sleeping in and taser me every morning. I would have marks all over my arms.  She also would get up early and make sure that when I left she saw what I was wearing.  She would then  tell  whomever was in charge what I was wearing that day.   The harassers would then be told  what I was wearing and they would know that I was the one to be  harassed.  After a while, I decided they were  fucking with me again.  One night I  packed  my bags and left. Before I  left, I thanked Tonya.  I stayed at a motel, where, again, pesticide sprayed on me  .  I tried different motels, the same thing happened again.  In the meantime, a niece who lived in California found out about my predicament and asked me to come visit  her.  I decided to trust one last time (stupid me!).  I got on Greyhound again. Same things happened as before, soldier boys on the bus again, the spraying of pesticide, the hot seat, etc.

I arrived in California on Memorial Day (a holiday).  I couldn’t get my luggage because the Greyhound Bus Depot was closed.  I had to stay at one of the roach motels in the area. I still had doubts about my niece and it was four days before I called her and told her I was in California. She picked me up at the bus depot and took me home with her.  She was living with her boyfriend, Curtis, and he came with her. I got into the car and said hello Curtis. He did not respond to my hello.  I figured,  fuck you.

Well, of course, I don’t have to rehash everything that happened. You have probably already guessed what happened again. Again, the pesticide, the taser!  But I decided to look for an apartment anyway. I found an apartment I really liked  and I took my niece to see it. She also liked it.  But the management company would not let me rent the apartment unless I could get a co-signer. You see, I’ve always paid cash for everything I’ve ever bought. If I can’t afford it, I don’t buy. My niece would not co-sign for me.  When I found out, they wouldn’t rent the apartment to me, I immediately  looked for another one.

But my niece had a fit. She explained that her mother, Toni, was coming to visit and she didn’t want me  staying with her anymore.  She told me that I had to get  out (after less than two weeks!).  She also told me that she had talked with  her father and she told him that I was mentally ill.  Her father  suggested that she put me in an asylum.   She told me she was not going to put me in an asylum, but she was going to throw me out. She threw me out that day and gave me less than an hour to get my clothes and get out.  I got my clothes in less than thirty minutes and told her to drive me to Greyhound. I got on the Greyhound Bus again and headed back to Las Vegas, NV.

I arrived in Las Vegas the next day. I got a room at the Four Queens Casino/Hotel (If you ever visit Las Vegas and stay at the Four Queens, and you’re a T.I., don’t take Room 1049. It’s a room that’s been set aside to harass T.I.s.)  I stayed for seven days.  It took me two or three days before I went apartment hunting. I finally found the apartment in which I am currently living.  And I’ve told you how that’s going. So that’s the saga about my family and how they’ve treated me. I wasn’t invited to stay with them because they wanted to help me,  they invited me to abuse me.  I no longer talk to most of my family.  How they could do to me what they did is impossible for me to understand.  How can you treat family the way they treated me. I would never do to them what they did to me. But as I’ve said before, life gets even with all of us for whatever evil we’ve committed and it will get even with them.

I really don’t know what I’ve done in my life to get the treatment  I’m getting.  Maybe I did something to someone and life is getting even with me.  I’ve always tried to treat people the way I like to be treated.  Maybe it’s just my time to be punished. I must admit, up until three years ago, my life was not a bad one. I never realized how lucky I’ve been in my life.  We all have lessons to learn and I’m certainly learning what is important in life.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Family Trust Broken

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  2. Sorry to hear about your family. I felt so betrayed to find out that they were in on it. I remember I kept asking one parental figure what was going on and this person just kept pretending nothing was going on. A super liar. Anyways it took about three years before I could forgive a lot of what they did. It helps that I can talk about what is happening.

    Have you tried anonymously sending your family info about Gang Stalking? That or mail them a copy of Closing The Gap. At least they can’t pretend they have never heard of this stuff.

    I learnt that the vibrations happen to those around you, most just don’t say anything. Thank God I have had two occasions where other around me did say something and fessed up, or I honestly would have thought it was just me.

    • Hi gangstalking:

      I have given them all the info about gang stalking. They just do not care enough to listen to what I have to say. I guess I’ve been away from home too long and they no longer can connect with me. I’m a stranger to them. But still, I don’t think I can ever forgive them for what they’ve done to me. I guess you’re a better person than I am.

      Thanks for your response.

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