Gang Stalking

I am being gang stalked. For almost a year I didn’t know what was going on. I moved from family member to family member and with each family member the same thing happened. I was sprayed with pesticide and harassed by their friends and neighbors. One of my sisters was even recruiting gang stalkers to harass me.

It wasn’t until about June, 2010 that it finally came together for me. I remember being on several Greyhound buses and I noticed there were always men who had just left the service and they were targeting me with the full approval of the driver. Then it hit me, government! And ever since then, I’ve seen more and more evidence that it is the government.

And I also know who did this to me. My ex-next door neighbor. She was a total liar and zealot and totally did not like my liberal views. She also gambled and would borrow money for me on a continuous basis. I finally told her no more money! She didn’t like that and from then on the relationship was bad. So, be careful what you tell your neighbors and friends. Trust no one!

4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking

  1. Hello,
    I just noticed your blog and it is great that your speaking up on your blog about your harassment. I am in NYS and I’ve been a victim of gang stalking since 05. The same sanerio with me too, I neighbor recruited me in the “destroy a life program.” The only difference is I never talked to these people. They just bothered us and vandalized out property and cars even after we sold our home and moved.
    What made me a victim of gamg stalking was when I went to internal affairs at our local sharrif’s department, because the husband is employed by them. After that here here I am stalked, harrassed and threatened often for 5 some years now. My name has been dragged through the mud here with ugly lies.
    They like to try and make me get into car accidents on the road. They use young hoodlems to do the accidenet thing and ex cons.
    Stay strong, and keep blogging about your experience.
    I will place your link on my gang stalking blog too.
    Have a nice afternoon,

    • Candy: Thanks. It’s been hard keeping this blog going. I’m harassed more than I’ve been before. But they will not stop me. The only way people are going to find out about gang stalking is to write about it. Start your own blog and let people know what’s going on. is great for blogging. The more blogs, the more info that will go out.

      Just yesterday, I was called a whore and insane. I wrote the guy back and thanked him. Told him he sounded very angry and maybe he should seek help. I’m sure he didn’t find it funny.

      Yes, we all have terrible stories to tell. Also, there’s another forum you might be interested in joining. It’s called Colorado Forum – Topix – Gang Stalking ang Psychological harassment. You can get in touch with other targets on a day-to-day basis. I really like it. It helps me keep going when the days get really bad.

      By the way, I’m from New York City. I’m now living in Las Vegas, NV.

      Thanks again.

  2. I am a T.I victim of 7 years , stalking continues on me. Dont give up, and dont let them get the best of you. This is there objective. There are sites with victims Of T.I on them. Get support, and try to turn your life around.This will be needed in order to organize and retaliate against these government run programs.

    • Marcel: Thank you for replying to my blog. I appreciate your support. I have been in touch with other gang stalking sites. Feb., 2011 will be my second year of gang stalking. I have no support from family or friends. They all have turned against me. They all tell me I should seek a doctor and get some help for my vivid imagination. It’s terrible that we have to put up with this b.s. Keep in touch. Thank you.

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